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We all know that water is essential for our planet to thrive and for life to exist, but un-controlled water can wreak havoc to our homes. We believe that moisture problems must be controlled to protect your families’ biggest investment…..your home!!! 
Allen’s Home Solutions specializes in moisture and water intrusion problems and we can help design a solution that works for your home and your budget.
Don’t let your homes value depreciate because of a water problem that is easily fixable, call 812-303-0496 or contact us for your free analysis today!
Moisture Service Solutions:
• Perimeter Drain Tile Systems
• Perimeter Grading (Slop) to help direct    water away from home
• Sump Pump Installation (New &  Replacement)
• Down Spout Extenders
• Plastic Vapor Barriers
• Crawl Space Conditioning
• Crawl Space Enclosures
• Dryer Vent Re-placement
• Dehumidifier Installation
• Fans & Power Vent Istallations